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Artificial Grass Flooring Squares Sports Lawn and Turf Playing Surface for Football

Product Features:

● playing surface for football greatly decrease maintenance costs

● handles rain and drainage better

● artificial grass flooring natural look and feel

● grass sports reduced infill flyout

● incredibly durable fibers

Product Details:

Artificial grass flooring squares sports lawn and turf playing surface for football 

Artificial Grass Flooring Description 

1.Lawn and turf features 

Artificial grass flooring squares sports lawn and turf playing surface for football is the premium athletic field product. Artificial grass squares also features the longest lasting fibers available, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor football fields.



1)playing surface for football greatly decrease maintenance costs
2)handles rain and drainage better
3)artificial grass flooring natural look and feel
4)grass sports reduced infill flyout
5)incredibly durable fibers


2.Product Specifications

Product Name

Football Field Turf

Yarn Type

Polyethylene Monofilament


Double layer + SBR

Pile height











6-8 years

Roll length

25m or as required

Roll width

2m or 4m


packed in rolls with woven bag

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3.Product details

4.Factory and Production Procedure





7.Product Display

1)Do I need a shock pad under my field?
The addition of a shock pad under the turf is optional by most companies. This adds a layer of softness to the field,however, this also increases the price substantially.Most companies have eliminated this layer and rely on the infill to give the field the necessary softness.

2)What is infill?

The infilling of turf is the addition of material into the turf to give it a cushion,add weight and protect the yarn.This is done after the turf is placed,seamed and tied into the surrounds.
 There are two basic materials used for this purpose.The most common material is granule rubber.The other material is silica sand.Some turf installers mix sand and rubber.Some fields that have a sand and rubber mix have seen a premature degradation of the yarn,which could be due to the hardness of the sand wearing against the yarn.
The addition of the infill material gives your field softness and the ability to absorb the shock of someone falling on it,which lessens the chances of injury.

3)Is it better to glue or sew the seams on a synthetic turf field?
The answer to this question is very individualized.Gluing the seams covers a much broader area on the backing than sewing.The wear at the seams is distributed over a larger area than with sewn seams.This is a good argument for gluing. Also keep in mind that when the numbers, hash lines,logos are inlayed in a field they are all glued, not sewn.The end result being that even on a so-called sewn field there are more glued seams than sewn.This is another good point for gluing seams.

4)Can I have all the numbers and lines tufted into my field?
Only straight lines on a field can come from the manufacturer as part of the field.All other lining and logos must be painted or inlaid.

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