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Double Color Football Field Quality Artificial Grass

Double Color Football Field Quality Artificial Grass
Football artifiical grass(Quantity artificial grass) PE monofilament Pile height:40mm~60mm Gauge:3/4” Stitiches:150/160/170/180/190/200 Dtex:8800D/10000D/11000D/12000D Guaranteed 5-6years Delivery days:7-10days Free sample
Product Details:

1)Double color football field quality artificial grass

How to install the artificial grass for football field:

1. Artificial turf transported into the site and organized
The artificial turf is transported to the site, and the curled artificial turf is spread out and placed flat on the site for one day to facilitate the paving of the artificial turf the next day.
2. Artificial turf cutting, trimming
Use special cutting tools to cut the artificial grass. Each artificial grass should be of the same size and size, and must have no size; and trim the joints on the four sides of the artificial grass to ensure that the artificial grass is smooth and smooth.

3. Paving artificial grass
Grass - glue - bonding - curing - pressure. Install the artificial turf on the corresponding football ground. When laying, pay attention to the distance between the grass and the grass should not be too large (distance control between the two grasses is appropriate), the direction of the artificial turf pavement should be the same, and the grass seedling direction To align.

4. Apply glue
Use special glue tools to glue on the back of artificial turf, the thickness of glue should be the same, no height phenomenon can occur; the speed of glue should be even and can't be repeatedly coated; after the glue is dried, after adhesion is finished The artificial turf is compacted using a special pressurizing tool; afterwards, the artificial turf is cleaned, and the artificial turf is cured for three days to inspect and trim the artificial turf.

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