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Landscaping Artificial Grass

  • Professional Artificial Grass Products of Garden Sports and Pet Synthetic Turf
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    Professional Artificial Grass Products of Garden Sports and Pet Synthetic Turf

    Product Features:

    ● 100% Polyethylene yarn system for garden turf, pet turf and sports turf

    ● Simple installation and low maintenance synthetic turf

    ● CE,SGS,ISO 9001 certifications

    ● Long life and evergreen---when natural grass enters...

  • Fake Grass Squares
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    Fake Grass Squares

    ●Durable performance is stronger, and the service life of the similar products is increased by more than 30% ●High usability. After a large amount of use, the sphere rolls on it and the surface remains elastic ●Resilience can be good: after a large number of uses, the artificial turf leaves...
  • Artificial Pet Grass
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    Artificial Pet Grass

    ●Landscaping artificial grass is ideal in moderate traffic areas
    ●Designed to truly replicate grass
    ●It is an excellent choice in both hot and dry climate areas where you can conserve water and in climates that are cold and/or wet for a mud free play area, both providing you...
  • Most Realistic Artificial Grass
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    Most Realistic Artificial Grass

    ●Grass artificial turf is incredibly low maintenance and won’t require constant upkeep
    ●Landscaping artificial grass is also healthier –for both pets and humans. Pets run the risk of walking in harmful chemicals like weed killer and fertilizer, which can make them sick or even be...
  • Artificial Grass Dogs
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    Artificial Grass Dogs

    ●Landscaping artificial grass made with high quality components to replicate natural grass
    ●Synthetic putting green with quad-color technology
    ●Grass artificial turf with UV resilient
    ●Artificial grass flooring heavy metal free
    ●Synthetic surfaces no harmful...
  • Synthetic Grass Prices
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    Synthetic Grass Prices

    ●Artificial grass tiles requires no soil,water or sunlight
    ●Grass artificial turf simple to maintain, easy to clean and guaranteed to stay looking vivid and fresh,it is the ideal choice for fuss-free natural looking surroundings.
    ●Artificial grass sale UV stabilized for...
  • Artificial Grass For Homes
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    Artificial Grass For Homes

    ●Perfect for all round domestic use. Four colors with green and brown realistic landscape lawn
    ●Safe for dogs and children
    ●Saving money by synthetic turf installation. Using less water,less fertilizer
    ●Synthetic grass for dogs is great for the environment. No...
  • Fake Grass For Garden
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    Fake Grass For Garden

    ●Artificial grass for garden have excellent traffic resistance and is a good choice for
    ●virtually maintenance-free
    ●Fresh cut appearance
    ●never needs mowing or insecticides
    ●safety-no more buried glass or other harmful objects
    ●lead free
  • Realistic Fake Grass
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    Realistic Fake Grass

    ●Artificial lawn is easy to clean,requires little care and can be installed anywhere
    ●Artificial green grass looks like real grass and feels wonderfully soft
    ●Fake grass garden with a pretty neat density,resilient and soft
    ●Artificial grass landscaping is a thick,soft...
  • Artificial Grass Backyard
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    Artificial Grass Backyard

    ●Roll of fake grass is comprised of yarns that are field green mixed with olive green colors.
    ●Artificial garden grass designed for commercial and residential landscape applications
    ●Fake grass garden heat and frost resistant, UV stabilized and no harmful environmental...
  • Landscape Gree Indoor Artificial Grass
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    Landscape Gree Indoor Artificial Grass

    Compared with natural turf, artificial turf has very obvious advantages: (1) It can be used normally in cold winter or hot summer season. It is affected little by rain and snow, and it is used 24 hours a day. It is especially suitable for school football stadiums or various training fields with...
  • Best Fake Grass Indoor and Outdoor Putting Green Artificial Grass for Dogs
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    Best Fake Grass Indoor and Outdoor Putting Green Artificial Grass for Dogs

    Product Features:

    ● Indoor putting green with soft, safe, comfortable, easy to maintain

    ● Durable service,no fading,especially suitable for primary sites for higher frequency outdoor putting green

    ● Artificial grass for dogs safe for pets and children...

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