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Advantages of EPDM plastic track
Sep 23, 2018

1. Moderate elasticity: good elasticity. Excellent shock absorption performance can protect the athlete's leg joints.

2, strong wear resistance: the pavement has excellent wear resistance. It can ensure the long-term stability of the pavement structure.

3, anti-aging: no ultraviolet, ozone, wind and rain, faded. Powdered. Can maintain bright colors for a long time. Long life

4. Impact resistance: It has a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer. It can absorb strong impact.

5. Good flatness: use granular material during construction. Use mechanical paving. Flat surface. Sun protection and anti-skid.

6, the color is diverse: colorful and colorful. Can be assembled in a variety of colors.

7. Foundation conditions: The basic requirements are simple. Even the poor foundation can be paved. The adhesion is also good.

8. Surface: not easy to foam (overcoming the defects of traditional PU stadium).

9. Good water seepage performance: no water pit after rain stop. It can be put into use. Scope of application: Applicable to all kinds of stadiums. Sports ground. And the grade is extremely high.

EPDM is resistant to light and corrosion. It is used all day. It will not fade due to pollution caused by ultraviolet rays, acid rain, etc. It can maintain its high level of quality for a long time. It has a variety of colors and flexible matching. The color is soft. Granular surface layer. Prevents the reflection of glare. Beautiful and durable. Strong wear resistance. Resistance to damage. Simple maintenance.