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Advantages of using artificial turf on the gate court
Aug 10, 2018

1 the artificial turf gate course has better elasticity and sufficient cushioning force.

2the artificial turf gate stadium is breathable and permeable, which greatly reduces maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water saving requirements.

3 the artificial turf gate course meets environmental requirements because artificial turf can be recycled and reused.

4 the artificial turf gate course can play the role of reducing noise, shock absorption and decompression.  

5, the artificial turf door stadium is filled with quartz sand to make the artificial turf more stable and does not stain clothes and the environment during exercise.

6 all the logo lines on the artificial turf gate course are directly woven with artificial turf, no need to worry about frequent scribing.

7the artificial turf gate course is economical and practical, with short construction period and long service life, and almost no follow-up costs.

8 the artificial grass material of the artificial turf gate course has low requirements on the foundation, so it can be laid directly on the concrete floor, asphalt floor and even hard sand.