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The artificial turf of a school in Hohhot is pungent, and the school responds that it will remove black rubber particles.
Oct 31, 2017

In order to improve the teaching environment, Beiheng Jie School of Hohhot City will transform the two playgrounds in the north and south. The construction of the South Playground was completed on August 26th, but the artificial lawn was pungent.


Some parents reported that their children came home and suggested to their parents that the school playground was particularly heavy, always coughing and chest pain. Some parents report the symptoms of nosebleeds in their children. Due to fears of fear, the parents of the students reflected these situations to the teachers of the class and the school leaders. A vice-president of the school responded to the concerns of the parents and said that the South Playground sent the samples to the testing agency.


According to the news sent to the parents by the school, the school playground finally won the bid for the Inner Mongolia company with formal qualifications. The company once built a playground for many primary and middle schools in Hohhot. In order to ensure the safety of teachers and students and the quality of construction during the construction process, the construction party will inform the school of the construction materials and construction progress in real time, and the school will monitor the whole process.