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Artificial leather also needs maintenance and proper cleaning. How can artificial grass be cleaned and maintained
Jun 07, 2018

In this era of advocating environmental protection, fake grass is more often used instead of animal fur, which is both environmentally-friendly and luxurious.

Most of the artificial turf is replaced with acrylic, if not particularly dirty, you can use a wet towel to gently wipe the dirty parts. If it is dirty, be sure not to machine wash and rub, to avoid hair loss or damage the fur itself

The artificial grass can be placed in cold water for 3 to 5 minutes, then the water is gently wrung and placed in warm water at a temperature of about 30 degrees.

Wipe gently with a soft brush or towel

Then put it in warm water for cleaning, do not use hot water, otherwise it will harden the fur damage. Don't use too much force when you wring out the last thing. You can spin dry and then use the comb to trim the fur.

When drying, choose a more cool and ventilated place, suitable for air-drying.