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Artificial turf cushion - athlete's safety
Dec 14, 2018

The special damping floor of the artificial turf makes the shock absorption of the artificial turf system no longer solely dependent on the composition and thickness of the filling material, thus ensuring good shock absorption, ideal ball rebound and ensuring athlete movement during the service life of the course. Flexibility. Ensure that athletes are not damaged by the entire muscle and skeletal system caused by the resilience of the unreinforced cushion, greatly ensuring the safety and comfort of the athletes and sports.

Acting in the turf system

1. The shock absorption performance is stable and durable, providing more durable shock absorption performance for the entire artificial turf system.

2. Provide better vibration absorption performance for the lawn system and reduce sports injuries and falls during exercise.

3. Provide better performance for the entire course, making the venue closer to the sporting performance of the natural turf field.

4. Matching with high-quality artificial turf can make the stadium meet the requirements of FIFA standard interstellar stadium.

Our product advantage

1. Adopt new environmentally friendly materials, 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

2, the product is flexible material, light weight, paving is convenient and fast.

3. The product is 10mm thick in one time, and the elasticity and quality are more stable.

4. The main material is polyethylene polymer, the product is not easy to rot and pulverize, and has a long service life.

5, the product uses closed-cell polymerization process, not easy to absorb water, paving and use is not affected by the weather.

6, the product Shore hardness of 30-40, vertical deformation and shock absorption performance is more suitable for the football field.

7. The length of the product can be customized according to the site, shortening the construction period and reducing the loss during the construction process.

8, x-shaped symmetric hole cutting, so that the product has good water permeability and good dimensional stability

9, with the use of high-quality artificial turf, the site's vibration absorption, vertical deformation, ball rebound and other sports performance can reach the FIFA standard.