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Artificial turf cushion for all kinds of sports venues
Jul 08, 2018

Artificial turf cushions are suitable for a variety of sports venues.


 (I) Product introduction The artificial turf cushion is a synthetic material elastic cushion which can absorb impact under the artificial turf. It has high impact absorption, good drainage and moisturizing performance. It is the “4G course revolution” initiated by Europe. An important carrier. It can absorb more than 55% of the impact of the stadium, increase the elasticity and shock absorption performance of the artificial turf of the football field, and make it closer to the natural lawn of the nail level. It can avoid the ankle and knee pain that occurs during the kicking process, which makes us happy. Exercise, roll, and achieve a comfortable feeling of sports feet and ball.

(2) Applicable places Outdoor: artificial turf laying area such as soccer field, golf greens and mats, rugby field, tennis court, sports and leisure, children's amusement park, child safety ground system, indoor: various elastic padding areas of the stadium


(3) Comparison with similar products 1. The paving is more convenient; 2, the price is more favorable; 3. The quality is more stable; 4, the performance is superior;


(4) Product advantages

 1. Light weight and easy to transport;

2, the cutting surface is flat, easy to bond, paving is convenient and fast, only one day for a standard venue;

3. The length of the coil can be customized according to the actual size of the site, which can reduce the loss and save the cost;

4. It can be cut and spliced at the construction site to adapt to the construction of various shapes of the site;

5, with non-absorbent (closed foam), paving is not affected by the weather;

6, beautiful appearance, diverse styles, and 100% safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless;

7, with good elasticity, the rebound of the ball is close to the rebound effect of high quality natural lawn;

8. The shock absorption performance is stable, and the shock absorption capacity is up to 55% or more. It is close to the shock absorption effect of a good natural lawn and can effectively protect the athlete from injury;

9. The special cut-out design ensures the good water permeability of the product, and also prevents the product from being deformed due to thermal expansion and contraction, and has good stability;

10. The length, density, shock absorption performance and drainage performance are adjustable, which can flexibly respond to the needs of various sites, and greatly reduce the loss and manpower. 11, will not rot or chalk, long service life;

12. No need to take care of and maintain.