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Artificial turf for the gate court
Oct 20, 2018

Nowadays, the height of the commonly used gate course artificial turf/artificial turf/simulated lawn rug/plastic false turf is between 8mm-19mm. The density selection can be divided into sand-filling type and sand-free type. The density of sand filling type is small, and the general density is 20000-50000 clusters/square meter; while the density of sand-free type is relatively large, generally according to the difference of grass fiber, the density is between 50000-84000 clusters/square meter. These two types of lawns vary from person to person, no matter which one is used. An artificial turf of one specification has advantages, if necessary, can be asked:

  1. All-weather: Artificial turf is completely unaffected by weather and geography. It can be used in extreme climates such as high cold, high temperature and high altitude, and has a long service life.

2. Simulation: Artificial turf adopts the principle of bionics and has good simulation performance, which makes the athletes safer and more comfortable during exercise. The feeling of foot and the rebound speed of the ball are similar to those of natural lawns, and are more professional.

3, laying and maintenance: artificial turf laying has low requirements on the foundation, can be constructed on asphalt, cement and has a short cycle. It is especially suitable for the construction of primary and secondary school venues with long training time and high density. The artificial turf is easy to maintain, has strong water seepage function, and is particularly wear-resistant.

4. Excellent physical and chemical functions: After the artificial turf has passed hundreds of thousands of wear tests, its fiber content is only lost by 2%-3%. In addition, the tension, water permeability and elasticity are very high, and it can be drained and cleaned after about 20 minutes after heavy rain.

5, the production uses a number of modern science and technology, so that the product tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance, color fastness, etc. have reached an appropriate high level.

6. Good safety: using the principles of medicine and kinematics, the ligaments, muscles, joints, etc. are protected when the athletes are exercising on the lawn, and the impact and friction are greatly reduced when falling. The service life is evenly used for more than 6 years. The various lines of the course have been molded with white grass seedlings at the time of production.

It is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any harmful substances and has a noise absorbing function.