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Artificial turf on basketball court
Jan 04, 2019

Basketball is a fierce and vulnerable sport. The laying of the basketball court has a high requirement for the rebound of the ball. At present, most basketball venues are mainly made of silicon PU and acrylic. However, with the rise of the artificial turf industry, artificial turf has begun to be used in domestic basketball courts.

At present, all major artificial turf manufacturers have carried out research and development of artificial turf in basketball courts. On the one hand, according to the athletic performance of basketball, it develops a lawn suitable for basketball rebound, and on the other hand, it conducts effective sports protection research and development for vulnerable parts of basketball players.

Basketball court artificial turf features: simple maintenance and maintenance, grass color is not easy to fade, grass is soft, raw materials are safe, check level, wear resistance, strong friction, long service life and so on. At present, the artificial turf of the basketball court is slightly weaker than the silicone PU or acrylic material in terms of athletic performance. However, in terms of environmental protection and safety, the basketball court lawn is the preferred site paving material.


Of course, basketball court paving needs to consider the actual situation, and artificial turf must be used when conditions permit. Therefore, the basketball court artificial turf has the following points to note:

1. Prepare the basketball court for the construction of the lawn, check the flatness of the site, and ensure the cleanliness of the site; use the tools to accurately measure the size of the basketball court and draw lines.

2. During the construction of the basketball court lawn, the turf joints are paved and spliced. It should be noted that when the glue is applied, the glue is applied to the cut lawn before drying.

3. After the basketball field lawn glue is glued, check whether the bonding port between the joint areas is smooth and check the firmness.

4. When filling quartz sand and rubber particles, pay attention to uniform filling speed, uniform filling thickness, and keep quartz sand and rubber particles dry before filling quartz sand and rubber particles. After filling quartz sand and rubber particles, use Brush the brush evenly and evenly.

5, basketball field artificial turf construction cleaning work. The advantage of the basketball court lawn is to make up for the defects of natural grass: First, the artificial turf of the basketball court has strong resistance to pedaling. Secondly, the artificial turf of the basketball court can be used all year round, regardless of the climate, and the natural grass is affected by the climate; the artificial turf of the basketball court is easy to maintain, and it is breathable, permeable and water-permeable.