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Artificial turf plastic track installation method skills
Aug 11, 2018

Artificial turf weaves chemically synthesized fibers into a chemical material that can be used to replace the natural grass sports performance. It is divided into chemical components: polyethylene (PE): good performance and widely accepted by the public. Polypropylene (PP): Grass fiber is hard, generally suitable for tennis courts, playgrounds and other purposes. Nylon (PA): The price is too expensive and most customers can't accept it. Usually used for the construction of football, tennis, hockey, runway and other venues. So what are the techniques and techniques for using artificial turf for runway paving?

First, preparation work

(1) Basic acceptance

1. The foundation is generally cast concrete or asphalt, which has certain strength and stability.

2. The foundation cannot produce cracks or sanding caused by cracks and freezing.

3. Asphalt concrete basic technical indicators

a, the compactness after the foundation is greater than 95%

b. The subgrade grade sandstone has a solid density of 2.3kg/cm2 or more, and the surface is flat, solid and without sand nest and plum blossom phenomenon.

c. The asphalt surface layer should be free of oil, no cracks, no pressure cracks, no water and water retention.

(2) Artificial turf acceptance procedure a. First verify the flatness and slope of the site, and correct the unqualified part. b. Check and accept the control data, and the construction unit shall provide the completion data. c. Prepare the construction plan and report it to the owner for review. d. Prepare material plans according to project usage to ensure construction quality and construction period. e. Clean up the site, clean up the site where the lawn is to be laid, and remove oil, debris, dirt and other garbage. f. The area around the site should be kept clean and it is strictly forbidden to enter the site. g. For the old site with a long construction time, the expansion joint must be cleaned.

Second, fill in new materials.   

1, the basic flatness, 3m ruler error is less than 4mm, with a certain slope, generally 3-5%, in order to drain in rainy days. 

2. In the frozen area, anti-freezing technology should be adopted. Generally, a layer of geotextile is added between the asphalt layer and the gravel layer to buffer, and the foundation along the water groove should be specially waterproofed.   

3. The surface of the artificial turf should be kept clean and dry. After the completion of the asphalt foundation, the maintenance period should be guaranteed for about 30 days, in order to volatilize the low boiling point components of the asphalt surface to ensure sufficient bonding strength of the base surface layer. 

4, the concrete foundation should also have a maintenance period of about 30 days, large-area use should consider the reserved expansion joints, the surface layer should be polished.