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Artificial turf wedding
Aug 18, 2018

Lawn weddings evolved from church weddings popular in the West. Many newcomers showed great interest in this wedding ceremony witnessed by many relatives and friends, but the church has a strong Western religious character. Applicable to the domestic, through continuous improvement and innovation, and then the integration of local characteristics, new people will choose to carry out the ceremony in the garden or on the lawn, and can increase or decrease the process according to their own interests and creativity.

Holding lawn weddings outdoors is becoming the choice of more and more newcomers. The artificial turf is safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and it is very suitable for the laying and decoration of the wedding venue, both in appearance and in use. Its fresh, natural and beautiful visual effect can create a very romantic and comfortable wedding atmosphere. The green lawn is fresh, elegant and full of nature, indicating youth and hope. Whether it is the spring of the recovery of all things or the summer of blooming flowers, or the autumn of the red leaves, the weather is pleasant and sunny, under the blue sky and white clouds, it is very suitable for holding a lively lawn wedding outdoors. Green is the best natural background color, suitable for decorating any color.

The use of artificial turf for lawn weddings does not require such worry. A well-preserved natural lawn is not easy to find, but such an open space can be seen everywhere, and artificial turf can be paved. From the appearance point of view, the artificial turf is very similar to the real grass, and it is beautiful and beautiful. It can create a natural atmosphere with the help of fakeness. From the point of view of use, it is completely fearless and can be recycled after use. It can be used again simply by cleaning up the stains. .

Most lawn weddings in the country use artificial turf to lay the ground. The low cost of artificial turf, good paving effect, recyclability and long service life are favored by many wedding companies. The green artificial turf is the main theme of the lawn wedding, and it can also be matched with some other color lawns for better effect.