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Basic requirements for artificial concrete for cement concrete
Aug 12, 2018

1. The requirement of the surface smoothness of the artificial turf will be higher, which is also to ensure that the thickness of the surface layer of the artificial grass can be consistent and the elasticity is uniform. The pass rate of the entire flatness rate is as high as over 95%; the basic strength and stability of artificial grass are also required. It is also to ensure that customers can be more comfortable when using artificial turf, and that artificial turf is used more frequently and has a long life.


2. The surface of artificial grass should be even and solid, and there should be no cracks and smears. The joints should be straight and smooth. The whole piece of artificial grass is generally 6,000 to 6,000 mm for dicing; It must be compacted, and the compactness should be more than 95%. However, after being crushed by a medium-sized roller compactor, loose phenomena such as looseness and waves cannot occur. The artificial turf field thus obtained can meet the quality standards.


3. The foundation of cement is water-repellent layer, and the water-repellent layer is made of new pvc thick water-repellent film. The place of intersection is more than three hundred mm, and the gap of edge is greater than one hundred and five mm; The expansion joint is expanded, and the expansion joint has a width of five millimeters; the basic maintenance is also very important, and the cycle should be better in 2-3 weeks.