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Carefully choose sports flooring, reduce the risk of TVOC hazards
Jan 11, 2018

1.What is TVOC


English abbreviation: TVOC

Indoor air quality researchers usually sampled and analyzed indoor organic gaseous substances they sampled and analyzed as VOC, which is an acronym for the first letter of the three words of Volatile Organic Compound. Various measured VOCs are collectively referred to as total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) Total Volatile Organic Compounds).


2.TVOC source

The main sources of TVOC are outdoor, mainly from fuel combustion and transportation: indoors mainly from combustion products such as coal and natural gas, smoke from smoking, heating and cooking, construction and decoration materials, furniture, household appliances, furniture, Cleaning agents and the body's own emissions. In the interior decoration process, VOCs come mainly from paints, coatings and adhesives.


3.TVOC the main component

Hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, oxygenated hydrocarbons and nitrogenous hydrocarbons include benzene series, organic chlorides, freon series, organic ketones, amines, alcohols, ethers, esters, acid and petroleum compounds.

4.TVOC harm to the human body

TVOC can smell, irritate, and some compounds are genotoxic. At present, TVOC can cause the body immune level disorders, affecting the central nervous system function and digestive system function. Light skin allergy, sore throat, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, chest tightness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and other symptoms. Severe cases can cause bronchitis, allergic asthma, pneumonia, pulmonary edema. Severe damage to the liver and hematopoietic system function, such as allergies.


It is generally accepted that TVOC concentrations in normal, non-industrial indoor environments do not yet lead to cancer and cancer in the body. When TVOC concentration is 3.0-25 mg / m3, irritation and discomfort may occur, and headache may occur when combined with other factors; when the VOC concentration is greater than 25 mg / m3, other neurotoxic effects may occur besides headache .


5. How to eliminate the harm of TVOC

First, to prevent TVOC damage, mainly for the furniture, plates, paint finishing materials, leather, fabric, glue coating and other pollution sources, to eliminate the harm of TVOC or from the source, refused to non-green building materials Decoration. In addition, you can also heat baking, exacerbating the release of TVOC. The company is located in:


Second, often ventilated. After decoration, even after testing to confirm TVOC not exceeding, but also ventilation two to three months after the stay, if conditions permit, the best new house cooling ventilation more than six months to stay for the best. The company is located in:


Third: Maintaining multiple ventilation is the most effective way to remove TVOC. In the removal of the agent, the more commonly used nano-mineral crystal purification package, because the nano-mineral crystal is attapulgite and sepiolite-based adsorbent, it can preferentially adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful gases in order to purify the indoor air effect. At the same time it can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde, and after sun exposure can be reused, no secondary pollution.