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Golf artificial turf
Sep 02, 2018

Because of the wide coverage and high cost of golf courses, it has been called the movement of rich people for a long time. The artificial golf turf has special performance requirements and is extremely demanding for the rolling type of the turf.


When I mentioned golf in the past, I would immediately think of the blue sky and white clouds, the vast green grassland, the expensive equipment, the caddy with a beautiful face and the step by step. All of them are full of "aristocratic atmosphere", as if they are rich and successful people. Exclusive. For ordinary people, golf is generally only a glimpse of the true face on the TV screen.

 But golf is indeed a sport for all ages. It needs to mobilize and coordinate the muscles of all parts of the body, with very good exercise effect; generally in the sunny outdoor, green and fresh eyesight, is beneficial to the body and mind, cultivates sentiment; and the rhythm of exercise is soothing, you can play while talking and laughing, It is also a good choice to make business contacts instead of catering or chess.


The artificial golf turf greatly reduces the construction cost of the golf course and is an effective prerequisite for the popularization of golf.

The turf of the golf course needs uniform and smooth surface, high consistency, dense texture and elasticity, so that the ball can be smoothly rolled against the turf. Of course, the most suitable natural turf needs to be trimmed to achieve this effect. The artificial golf turf is developed according to the most suitable natural turf state, so that it can be completely faked from the feeling of hitting the ball, the speed of the ball rolling and the touch of the touch.


 Compared with natural turf, artificial golf turf has the advantages of low cost and easy maintenance. It also has excellent wear resistance, flexibility, good drainage and easy fading. It has long service life, safety, environmental protection and pollution-free. The pollution caused by spraying drugs, even the delicate children and the women and the elderly with low resistance, can relax with ease.

Due to the simplicity of the golf course turf, if you just want to enjoy the fun of golf, you don't have to be neatly arranged to go to the regular golf course. Feel free to find an open space, or your own courtyard, or a roof, or an office... to design and create a miniature golf course that you can enjoy while you are free.