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How to distinguish the pros and cons of artificial turf
Nov 17, 2018

With the rapid development of China's sports industry, artificial turf has gradually been welcomed by the public and has become the public's vision. Artificial grass has been widely recognized for its wide application range, high velvet density and durability.

Artificial grass is the highest velvet turf on the market. It is suitable for baseball, rugby, football, hockey, softball, track and field, and other sports venues. It is also a playground, driving range, physical education class, military training and other sports. The ideal turf for indoor and outdoor activities.

So how do you distinguish between good and bad when buying artificial turf?

First, look back at the elasticity.

The high-quality artificial turf has a certain elasticity and impact. When receiving the impact force, there will be a certain buffer and resilience on the surface of the turf. This kind of artificial turf with better resilience is more suitable for sports. It is more effective way for athletes to fall, performance and all aspects closer to natural turf, which is more popular!


Second, see if it is wearable.

Wear resistance is one of the standards that reflect the quality of turf and is an important indicator of artificial turf. So how to test the wear resistance? Of course, using professional test equipment for testing, simulating the athletes to move back and forth on the lawn, after a certain period of time, to detect the wear and tear of the artificial turf, if the wear is not serious, it proves that The quality of the turf is very good. Because the turf with good wear resistance is more durable, the service life is longer.


Third, see if anti-aging agents are added.

In general, anti-aging agents are added when producing artificial turf. So how do you check if the artificial turf adds anti-aging agent? We can let the professional personnel use the relevant equipment to simulate the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the lawn, observe the color change of the lawn and other changes within the set time, if at the set time The color of the artificial turf has changed to some extent, indicating that the artificial turf has no anti-aging agent added. Because under normal circumstances, artificial turf with anti-aging agent will not fade under the sunlight, and will not become brittle. The lawn with anti-aging agents is more durable and more stable.