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How to judge the quality of artificial turf
Dec 07, 2018

The 2018 Russia World Cup was held in full swing, igniting the whole world, and also set off a football style. While everyone is paying attention to the goals, they are certainly interested in the lawns at the feet of the athletes. In fact, the large-scale competition like the World Cup is a natural lawn, but most of the non-large-scale competitions or non-professional competitions are artificial grass lawns. After all, artificial lawns are not as delicate as natural lawns, requiring regular care and saving. A large amount of expenses, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers. So if we want to build a football field, how should we choose artificial lawn? Let me introduce to you the characteristics of the artificial turf of good quality football field.

1, grass

The artificial grass is composed of grass, woven fabric and backing. The grass material is mostly made of polyethylene polymer.

PE is excellent in anti-UV, anti-mechanical wear, temperature resistance and other adaptability, and is currently widely used in international high-quality artificial grass.

 PE material

Advantage 1: Soft, good for athletes to stretch

Advantage 2: Add appropriate amount of anti-UV, aging ingredients, good anti-aging performance

Advantage 3: Service life of about 8 years

2, the performance of the grass bottom The quality of the bottom of the lawn will directly determine the use of the lawn and the age of use.

The artificial grass adopting a single-layer base fabric is composed of a single-layer polypropylene fiber structural layer, which has poor abrasion resistance and stability, and is easily deformed when the temperature changes.

The use of a double-layer mesh bottom, or even a three-layer bottom, provides a good combination of tensile strength, wear resistance, temperature adaptability, and water permeability.

3, agency certification Through the domestic lawn testing agency certification and the EU SGS heavy metal testing certification, is one of the standards for the recognition of artificial grass products.

4. Safety and environmental protection At present, the bottom of artificial grass is generally a black bottom bonded with chemical glue. It can not be recycled. After the product reaches the life limit, it can only be treated by incineration or landfill, which will have a great impact on the environment. The high-performance environment-friendly artificial grass is made of new polymer composite material, which is colorless, odorless and transparent. It can be recycled 100%. After the product has reached the product warranty period, it can be completely recycled by simple recycling. Materials used to produce various kinds of civil environmental protection products such as park lounge chairs, garbage cans, amusement facilities, etc., to realize the recycling of resources.