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How to maintain the high beauty-value of the Silicon PU court
Nov 21, 2017

How to maintain the high beauty-value of the Silicon PU court

When it comes to silicon PU materials, surely we are all familiar. As the silicon material with long service life, good elasticity, the advantages of high beauty-value, has been in the basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports venues in the building widely used.


But despite all the benefits, silicon PU materials can be frustrating when it comes to:


 Yesterday did a good job of silicon PU, discoloration today, how to do? ?


Encounter this, you are also panic it?


Do not worry! Today's focus is coming ...


Why silicon PU stadium construction will change color?


How to do when Silicon PU court discoloration?


How to do when Silicon PU court surface layer material is not uniform


Silicone PU materials, if not guaranteed under a uniform surface construction, are likely to cause the surface of the discoloration.


Suggestion: The silicon PU material has the characteristics of environmental protection, moderate elasticity and durability. Before construction, it is necessary to check whether the surface materials of the silicon PU stadium are uniform, including whether the same brand, the same batch of materials, etc., Mixed use of the surface color varies.


Silicon PU court material quality can not be guaranteed


Silicon PU materials in the market a wide range of sales, has been well-known. However, some businesses sell their products on the market with cheap, inferior materials for the sake of profit. This low-cost cheap materials in the construction of easily discolored, not only to increase the difficulty of on-site construction, but also endanger the safety of users


Recommendation: Use environmentally friendly high-quality silicone PU brand stadium materials, such as Joe master brand silicon PU material. Tidesun silicon PU material is not only a guarantee of color value, but also the urgent need for user safety! Premium quality and safety materials are Tidesun's commitment to all consumers!


Silicon PU stadium chemical reaction with the container


Water-based topcoat in silicon PU material is easy to rust with iron container when it is in water, finally leading to yellow, darkening of material color. It looks dull and without any luster.


Recommendation: try to use non-metallic containers filled with water-based finish to prevent the material metamorphism after water.


Storage time is too long or storage conditions are not suitable


If the silicon PU material is placed for too long, not used within the specified time, or storage conditions are not suitable, the bottom of the material prone to precipitation phenomenon, which led to discoloration of the silicon PU material.


Suggestion: Keep in mind the storage time and condition of silicon PU material, and run out as soon as possible after the material is unsealed. Partially precipitated silicon PU material, if not quality problems, generally after full mixing can also be used.