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How to overhaul the plastic running track
Jan 08, 2019

There are two kinds of situations in which PU running track needs to be refurbished. First, the plastic running track has reached the end of its service life, and it has been aging. It is no longer able to continue to serve everyone. Second, the influence of the external environment, such as improper use of external damage caused by people in the process of use, Such as heavy pressure, sharp weapon damage, cigarette butt burning, etc., causing damage to parts of the PU running track.

For example, the above needs to be refurbished and repaired. The plastic runway renovation has the following steps:

Identify the extent of damage to the plastic runway. Site survey or photo observation of the damage of the plastic track. Generally speaking, the damaged area is small, and the damage is light, only the surface layer of the plastic track is simply re-paved, and in the case of serious damage, it is necessary to The overall foundation is repaired or removed for re-laying.


Repair the bottom layer

To remove the plastic layer, first brush the primer, then mix the glue and the pellet mixture in proportion and fill the bottom layer. The newly laid plastic particle layer should be flattened, the edge seam should be consistent with the thickness of the original bottom layer, and if the foundation has a height difference, a smooth transition of the arc is required.

1. Carefully inspect the entire site, there are delamination, sand return, cracks, etc., special tools are cut open, the bottom layer is scanned, the bottom is sealed with a single set of glue, and the tool is filled with the bottom layer after the roller or scraper is dry;

2. The material mixing place should be laid with tape or plastic cloth to avoid staining the ground and damage the construction quality and affecting the environment;

3. The capacity of the mixing tank is 1.5-2 times of the stirring amount, and the mixing barrel should be dried and cleaned before use;

4. When mixing materials, first pour the one-component adhesive and fully immerse the side of the mixing tank before pouring the black rubber particles;

5. Stirring time control depends on the specific temperature and humidity at that time. The basic mixing time of 70% humidity and 25 °C is 3.5 minutes. At the same time, more than 99% of the rubber particles are required to be coated with adhesive to discharge. The mixture should be delivered to the work area in time;

6. The material requirement is determined according to the capacity of the agitator, and then accurately weighed by the scale according to the ratio;

7. Avoid mixing water directly into the mixing vessel when mixing;

8. Record the quantity and mixing time of each batch in time, and summarize the summary of each shift group on the same day;

9. Step: discharging weighing feeding stirring discharging;

10. Pave the repaired surface with a proprietary tool.

Spray surface

Prepare the spray fabric and spray it twice with a special sprayer.


Use special paint for marking, and scribe the site according to the standards of the stadium.

It should be noted that the refurbished and repaired runway needs to be maintained for 7-10 days before it can be put into use. In this process, attention should be paid to the sprinkling of plastic runway water to enhance the toughness of the plastic runway floor.

Small-scale repair sites will have color difference, this beautiful appearance, the overall spray surface, let the runway for a new look more beautiful and durable!