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How to protect and maintain the plastic track
Jan 18, 2019

Many people think that the establishment of a plastic track is very important, in fact, his protection and maintenance is also appropriate. Only the plastic track is well protected and maintained, and the best quality items, no matter how good everything can be without protection, the beautiful runway is not an exception, and the protection of the life will be greatly enhanced. For the protection and quotation of plastic runways, the following points should be noted.



First of all, we have to use it 8-10 days after the completion of the runway. We must walk on the runway and dry it, otherwise it will leave footprints.

Secondly, we need to keep clean, sharp objects and heavy objects that cannot be piled for a long time. Otherwise, the quality of the plastic track will be a little problem, and our plastic runway should have certain drainage facilities for all-weather use, due to the summer time. The weather is too hot and hot, which will cause the plastic track to heat up. At this moment, the effect of the plastic track is to cool the temperature of the runway.

Then our plastic track plastic track can only be used for training and competition health, not for other uses. If you don't use sharp objects to slash, athletes must wear sneakers on the station, and don't wear shoes with nails or soles with nails. But wearing spikes for the needs of some activities, we can allow.


In the end, considering environmental pollution, we should ban those who spit gum freely. When we walk, we often see that some cleaners are eradicating those chewing gums. In fact, it is not a general brief to remove them. We need to find ways to find them. The protection and maintenance of the plastic track is very important. How to do it well is a school that should be considered.