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Hybrid self-textured plastic track
Jan 20, 2019


(1) Super-strong wear-resistance products. In the past, the traditional process of using EPDM (or PU) particles as a non-slip surface layer was added. The new formula was added with special tamper and diamond powder, and changed through special production process. Overcoming the characteristics of self-leveling of polyurethane materials, after the construction of the substrate is paved on site, a special process is used to form a pure polyurethane glue, which retains the traditional characteristics of the weather resistance and aging resistance of the polyurethane track material. Its wear resistance is several times that of the traditional process, and at the same time it overcomes the common problem that the traditional polyester runway is easy to fall off, and the surface is beautiful and clean and easy to clean. The surface friction is higher than the IAAF standard, and its cost can be used by customers. Accepted, the construction period is short, the construction is convenient, the materials are environmentally friendly, and the quality is more stable.

(2) Excellent sports performance Because of its formula and process design, it is based on sports biomechanics, and a layer of closed-cell microbubble elastic interlayer is added to the structure. Therefore, its elasticity, friction and hardness can both slow down the foot. The impact of the impact force on the joints of the human leg during the landing can also enable the human body to obtain continuous forward kinetic energy. In line with the IAAF's latest standards for shock absorption, it is an international original structure.

(3) Superior weather resistance In the formulation process, the unique ANTISUN anti-UV aging factor and ATTACKFUNGUS super anti-mold factor are used to replace the traditional UV absorber and anti-mold agent, thus making the product superior in anti-aging, Anti-mildew and antibacterial double protection.

(4) Super strong adhesion performance adopts unique moisture-proof and viscosity-increasing coating formulation process, and because the emulsion molecule has a special reactive network structure and permeability, it is more firmly combined with the foundation, and it is easy to solve the traditional formula process. The technical problem of delamination from the layer.

(5) Superior fading resistance Due to the TDI contained in the traditional paving materials, the free TDI combines with air to oxidize and darken the color. This product does not contain TDI, and the unique ANTISUN anti-UV aging factor. Its color durability is stronger.

(VI) Good environmental performance Due to the unique formulation process, it is the first in China to break through the environmental protection technology difficulties, replace the traditional lead-containing catalyst with rare earth, replace the artificial UV absorber with plant extracting anti-UV aging factor and super anti-mold factor. And the antioxidant anti-mold agent and its unique environmental performance is exemplary. No benzene solvents are used in the production process.