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Is artificial turf maintenance expensive?
May 29, 2018

Is artificial turf maintenance expensive?

Many people are affected by natural grass maintenance and feel that synthetic grass turf maintenance is the same as natural grass.In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The cost of artificial turf maintenance is not particularly high. The maintenance of fake grass for lawn is easier than real grass, and thee maintenance costs are cheaper than natural grass. In general, the maintenance of natural grasses requires specialized personnel, such as: trimming, fertilizing, insecticides, watering and other maintenance.However, artificial lawn grass maintance is more easier. Calculated on a 11-a-side professional football field, the annual maintenance cost for turf is approximately between 100,000 and 4 million. In the five major leagues, the maintenance cost for a turf on a football field is between 5 and 10 million. This is a considerable amount of money. For some small clubs, this is astronomical.



The maintenance of fake turf grass depends on everyone’s sensen of protection.Therefore, we only need to clean up the garbage, avoid heavy traffic to extend its use time.Fake grass turf do not need to weed and watering. What we need to do is reduce the harm to it.


The artificial turf may be more expensive than the original turf in terms of early investment, but artificial turf will save a lot in later maintenance. What needs to be maintained for artificial turf?

First, Keep the flatness of the site. General sports artificial turf fields need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber granules, according to the FIFA standard daily use time is 4 hours, 40 hours maintenance time, if calculated in accordance with 2KG quartz sand and 1KG rubber particles per square meter, a site area About 8,000 square meters, probably maintained twice a month, about 18-20 times a year to maintain, one-year maintenance costs is also about one-tenth of the natural grass.


Second, artificial grass cleaning and cleaning. The site is so large that the rubbish scattered on it is also indispensable, including some leaves, household garbage, dirt, dirt, etc. Because artificial turf is not as squeamish as natural grass, it is only necessary to clean it with a comb. This maintenance work can be done by cleaning the aunt. The cost varies according to each region.