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Kindergarten artificial turf to build a safe and comfortable kindergarten environment
Jan 06, 2019

Creating a healthy, childlike and happy life for children is the wish of every parent and the concern of the school. Kindergarten artificial turf has become the choice of most customers because of its environmental protection, beautiful appearance and high cost performance. Artificial turf has gradually become a special lawn for kindergartens selected by the nationals.

Compared with ordinary lawns, artificial lawns have better targeting and adaptability to kindergartens. Kindergarten is the world of children. The safety and comfort of children should be used in the paving design. Secondly, the kindergarten venues should be decorated with construction sites and paving costs.

Your special lawn, kindergarten artificial turf site is simple and flat, and the layout is beautiful and concise; artificial turf is environmentally friendly and has recycling resources; kindergarten turf has high safety performance, artificial turf has good elasticity and anti-fall function to protect children. And the masses were injured.

At the same time, the kindergarten artificial turf has no noise during the construction process, and will not affect the normal classroom order of the kindergarten. The kindergarten lawn construction site is not large, and the construction time is relatively short, and it will not add unnecessary trouble to the kindergarten.

 The price of artificial turf in kindergartens is also uneven. The price of artificial turf with good quality is generally normal at 25 yuan per square meter. Of course, for the health of children, it is necessary to choose a better quality artificial turf for kindergarten floor laying.

Kindergarten artificial lawn, your special lawn. Kindergarten turf has high investment cost in the early stage, but it saves the maintenance cost in the later stage. The kindergarten turf maintenance cost is less. It only needs to clean the garbage on the lawn regularly. If the lawn is cleanable, it only needs to be cleaned with water; if there is residue, it will be stained. A specific cleaning agent removal is required. And the artificial turf is used for a long time, and the artificial turf quality is easy to test.

The high-quality kindergarten artificial turf is mainly embodied in the grass of the lawn, and the turf grass has bright and bright colors and good erect. The lawn grass is made of flat drawing, which is soft, moderately wearable and sun-proof. The artificial turf has a uniform thickness and excellent water permeability.

Nowadays, people's pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher. Whether it is shopping malls or park greening, all of them are beautiful, and beauty is everywhere in life. Therefore, in the artificial turf laying in kindergartens, it is also very particular about the United States. Kindergarten lawn paving pays attention to the visual effect, laying the lawn grass in a consistent direction, and making the artificial grass pavement achieve visual impact.