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Non-filling football artificial grass
Apr 02, 2018

Non-filling football field artificial turf, use the most advanced raw material formula, unique net silk grass design, artificial grass silk patented technology, patented PU+ adhesive technology that is superior to ordinary PU glue, with high density cushion, no filling Quartz sand and rubber particles can perfectly realize the sports function of the artificial turf on the football field and can handle professional competitive football matches.

  1. The straw-free artificial grass is filled with high-abrasion materials developed in cooperation with global well-known raw material companies. It has good flexibility, strong abrasion resistance and weather resistance, and is 100% environmentally friendly. It purchases advanced wire mesh equipment and cuts are smooth. , Open the net evenly; Using straight mixing, Dtex high, good wear resistance.

  2.  The bottom cloth of football-free artificial turf is made of composite woven base cloth, which is stronger than the conventional bottom cloth and effectively prevents lawn undulations and warping.

  3.  free from filling the football field artificial turf adhesive must use good PU glue. The use of 100% environmentally friendly adhesives for the football-free grass is in line with all domestic testing standards. It has higher strength, stronger extraction, and better weather resistance.

  4. The use of special joint cloths and two-component glues to fill the artificial turf paving in the football field will result in better adhesion, high firmness after curing, and a 30% increase in service life and extraction force.

  5. It is not used to fill the artificial turf of football field with the use of high-density cushions to provide motion buffer and elasticity, providing users with better sports experience and protection performance. The advantage of free-filling the artificial turf on the football field is that the turf surface is soft and the sports performance is good; it is healthy and environment-friendly and suitable for all kinds of people; no particles, environmental protection is controllable, and paving is simple.