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Precautions for the use of artificial turf in schools
Aug 03, 2018

With the acceleration of the pace of school sports venues, there will be more and more schools using artificial grass. How to use high-quality artificial grass in the construction to ensure that the standards of artificial grass meet the functional requirements of school sports activities and the health of students. Environmental protection requirements are an important concern for schools when using artificial grass fields.

Brand selection: High-quality brand is created by the company in the practice of many years of production. Its products are environmentally safe, physical, intrinsic, and service-oriented, as well as its advanced, reliable, practical, scientific, and economical. Durability, service life, etc., all meet the level of “Introduction to Artificial Grass Quality Standards” introduced by FIFA, so it can better protect students' safety and health.  Look at the quality: The key to the quality of artificial grass is determined by the quality of grass seedling fiber, grass back and glue, as well as advanced production technology and production equipment. It is necessary to choose raw materials that are green, economical, durable, safe and reliable, which are good for the health of students. The performance of grass seedling fiber is good: soft comfort, sliding, cushioning, abrasion resistance, water permeability, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, anti-aging, color, environmental performance and various physical properties test to reach the international standard level and China's Relevant regulations; the quality of the bottom of the grass should pay attention to: green, durable, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, strong adhesion to grass seedlings; the quality of glue is mainly reflected in: the strength of bonding, the duration of bonding, the environment Adaptability, environmental performance, etc.

Heavy construction: On the basis of the selection of high-quality materials, through the construction of advanced production technology and production equipment, it will become possible to build the artificial grass field of the school into a quality product. The selection of construction units for this purpose is also very important.

In short, the construction of artificial grassland in schools is made up of many factors. A high-quality artificial grass sports field is the result of joint efforts of multiple departments and departments including design, construction, supervision and schools.