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Roof artificial turf advantage
Nov 23, 2018

The general roof of the roof is not suitable for planting natural artificial turf. The cost is high, and the maintenance and management costs are higher. Many roofs are used for greening and landscaping, and for the purpose of thermal insulation, artificial turf and artificial turf are used. To some extent, it changed the appearance of the roof of the roof and was highly practical.

Roof greening, roof artificial turf, roof insulation. Add imported anti-UV raw materials, the same formula as the export artificial turf, highly anti-aging, high-quality roof, roof insulation materials.

Advantages of an artificial turf on the roof top:

1. External advantages: Improve the ecological environment, green and beautiful, improve the overall aesthetics of the city, and the green roof of the lawn can ensure the building is warm in winter and cool in summer.

2, the inherent advantages: roof greening artificial turf grass is good, non-toxic, non-polluting, strong water permeability, artificial turf color is naturally the same as natural grass.

3, other advantages: lawn roof greening, paving simple, maintenance and maintenance projects are easy.

4, highly anti-aging, high-quality roof, roof insulation materials.

5, height 25mm, density 16800 clusters / square meter, line spacing 3 / 8 inches, 2 layers of base fabric. The price is generally around 6-36 yuan per square meter, depending on density, material, height, and age.

In addition, the lawn roof greening needs to pay attention to the lawn roof greening pavement must be within the building roof load bearing capacity, if the load is not up to standard, then it violates the architectural principles; there is a need to consider the roof drainage and wind direction. The greening of the roof should be ensured to have a drain. The problem of the roof drain should not be neglected because the artificial turf has water permeability. The wind direction is considered to make the roof green lawn not be blown off by the wind.