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Synthetic lawn shelf life and renovvation
Nov 06, 2017


Usually faux grass shelf life can be up to 6-8 years.After the expiration date,fake turf need to renovation. Let's introduce how to renovate the artificial grass mat.


1. Fistly, it need to remove the old artificial turf.When removing an artificial turf, the important thing to note is no destroy the original artificial grass rug foundation. Artificial turf foundation is generally used cement, asphalt, or other lime soil cushion.Artificial turf grass is glued to the ground or joint tape,it's better to used tools to remove the artificial turf and the bonding layer during removal of the artificial lawn.Don't destroy the foundation.


2.These scrap materials removed are huge.This is a huge rubbish cleanup work, so you have to take it into account when making your budget.

3.The old quartz sand and rubber granules in the artificial grass that have been discarded are absolutely not available.After many years of use, these old materials have lost their inherent properties and do not contain any safety features.


4.Before paving a new artificial lawn, be sure to clean the court first.It's better to wash it again with water, clean up the dust,then install the artificial lawn grass.