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The construction precautions of PU running track in summer
May 24, 2018

The hot summer is a big challenge for the construction of plastic running track and PU sports flooring. High-temperature exposure accelerates evaporation of water, and heavy rain and damp interfere with construction progress. This not only affects the construction progress, but also has a great impact on construction quality.


Construction preparation and prevention work

First of all, we must pay attention to understanding the changes in the weather in advance, according to the weather conditions to formulate relevant construction plans, and do a good job in advance related to drainage dredge work.


The second is to do a good job of protecting the rain in advance, especially the moisture-proof work of raw materials, to avoid wasting materials due to rain.


In addition, it is also possible to require collective construction by more construction workers to improve the schedule and arrange collective construction as much as possible when the temperature is appropriate.


If you suddenly know that you want to rain, then you can use a large fan to speed up the drying time of the site to avoid damage caused by rain.


Reduce high temperature effects

The procedures for paving, vibrating, water collection, and maintenance should be cohesive and minimize construction time. At the same time, on the paved roads, it is necessary to build a pergola to avoid surface exposure.


Rejecting the damp environment

Avoid construction under conditions of excessive humidity, and construction must be sunny. If the temperature is lower than 10 °C, or higher than 35 °C, it is not suitable for construction; the relative humidity of the atmosphere is more than 85%, and it is better not to carry out construction.


Prevent drops of water

No matter whether it is a good plastic track for a plastic runway or for construction, it is afraid of water. Even if a drop of sweat drips on the glue before curing, it will produce obvious air bubbles. Therefore, in the construction of summer venues, construction at noon, afternoon, etc. is avoided to prepare for sweating. Towels prevent sweat from dripping on the floor.


Beware of shelling

In summer construction, it is necessary to prevent local foaming and shelling after rubber pavement, strictly control the compactness of the grass-roots, and prevent the cement base from being embedded and husking and delaminating, resulting in the rubber surface being broken. Where the density of the grass roots is not enough, the drill bit can be used to drill holes and glue can be used to reinforce it.


Avoid high temperature operations

The construction should be stopped when the temperature is too high, and construction should be avoided during the time when the temperature is high in the day, and the water needed by the human body must be added in time to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.