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The difference between artificial turf and natural turf
Jan 12, 2019

1. Cost comparison between natural turf cost and artificial turf Buying artificial turf may seem expensive at first, but the artificial turf shows its value over time, proving that it is a very cost-effective investment. The artificial turf pitch can perform about 3,000 games a year without a break, which is equivalent to the number of 3-4 well-maintained natural turf football fields. In addition, the cost of maintaining artificial turf is 2-3 times lower than that of natural turf because it does not require trimming, watering and fertilization. Due to the strong compatibility of artificial turf, the rental income from renting artificial turf courts has become a reliable source of income for schools and communities.

2. Artificial turf with high strength The artificial turf can withstand high-intensity use. When natural turf pitches are unable to compete during heavy rains and months of lawn dormancy, artificial turf allows for more playing time and durability compared to artificial turf.

3. Maintenance of artificial turf Although the maintenance work required is much less than that of natural turf, artificial turf also needs maintenance to ensure the maximum number of uses and the service life of the product. The most basic maintenance tasks include fixing the straw fibers straight and cleaning the trash and leaves.

4. Time spent installing artificial turf It takes about 2-3 weeks to install artificial turf courts when weather permits. Depending on the ground conditions, base construction, railings, floodlighting may increase the contract time by 8 weeks or longer.

5. Sprinkling requirements Artificial soccer fields do not need to be sprinkled. The artificial turf can be properly paved to meet the strict standards set by FIFA. In hockey games, international and top clubs need to sprinkle water on the competition system, and FIH (International Hockey Federation) is currently planning to cancel its dependence on water.