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The Features and advantage of artificial grass
Sep 29, 2017

Artificial grass is widely used in all kinds of sports fields,leisure place,playground and garden. It is approved by the world class athletes that can be reduce the injury for the foot and knee, protect the children's safety.

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1.The features of artificial turf

1)No weather limited

It can be used in any climateds, no matter rain or snow.All weather used.


2)Long life & Evergreen

When natural grass enters hibernation,it can bring you the feeling of spring.



All materials are according with environmental protection requirement. Artificial turf surface can be reused.


4)Natural appearance

Synthetic turf addopted the principle of bionics production.So there is not big difference between the natural grass and the fake grass.Excellent flexibility let you feel comfortable.



Durable service,no fading,especially suitable for primary sites for higher frequency.



General guarantees 5 to 8 years life.


7)Free maintenance

Easy to install. It can be installed in the ground of asphalt,concrete and hard sand.The lawn will need just little maintenance.

2.The advantage of artificial lawn


1)Low cost, high quality, long life and beautiful


2)Easy installation, Eco-friendly


3)It can be installed in the ground of asphalt and concrete


4)No moss,no mouldy,no fading


5)Well drain performance.The borderline will be produced together with the green grass,avoid wear.


6)Artificial turf look like nature grass. The specification such as pile height, density, gauge,etc. can be chosen according to the application and field.


7)The synthetic turf for sports fields can be used all the time,high utilization rate,long life and low maintenance.


8)The material of artificial grass is environmental protection,safe for children, pets,athlete.


9)Artificial grass turf have the enough buffer capacity,can be reduce the harm for the feet,avoid injury.