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The hotel uses artificial turf to give you a different experience
Jun 30, 2018

In recent years, more and more hotels use artificial grass instead of traditional carpets for greening. The reason for this is that artificial turf is more suitable for hotel greening. Artificial turf carpet is one of the applications of recreational artificial turf. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, anti-aging, long service life, convenient paving, reasonable price, and convenient maintenance. It is used in appearance, quality, and effect compared to other types of carpets. And prices and other aspects have their own strengths. Artificial turf carpets are cheaper and more durable than pure wool carpets. They are more suitable for daily use than synthetic fiber carpets. Comprehensive consideration is a very cost-effective option.

Most of the hotel guests are traveling and meeting. Comfort should be the first thing to consider. The artificial turf does not require shoes and has a comfortable foot, and the stability is particularly good. Every living customer can relax. Hotel artificial turf has a long service life. Artificial turf does not require special maintenance. For the hotel's service personnel, the number of customers we receive every day is very large. The cleaning of rooms and the cleaning of bed linens require most of the energy to take care of them. Artificial turf saves the trouble of cleaning and saves you a lot of trouble and time cost.

It is worth mentioning that artificial turf is more suitable for hotels than golf courses. The reasons for this can be explained from three perspectives. One is the user base, the other is the shoes, and the third is the professional level. It should be noted that the user groups facing the hotel and the golf course are different, and the hotel's guests are mostly visiting and meeting. The hotel should also choose the artificial lawn as the ground. Because of the delicate nature of the grass on the golf course, the usual leather shoes or sports shoes are not suitable. Therefore, some golf courses have mandatory regulations and guests must wear spiked golf shoes to allow them to play. Even if there are golf courses in the hotel, it is also used as entertainment facilities. Therefore, artificial turf can be used.

Because artificial turf does not require shoes, and its stability is relatively good, coupled with a relatively long service life, it can allow every hobby guest to feel the charm of golf at any time, greatly improving the guest's satisfaction with the hotel. Another point is that suitable professional standards are not the same. Artificial turf is suitable for both professional and non-professionals. Real grass is not exceptionally suitable for non-professionals. It will easily leave a deep scratch on the site. It is difficult to repair.  

Our factory can provide different types of artificial grass, quality assurance, and price concessions. There are also a variety of shock pads and particles to meet the needs of different customers.