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The install construction of artificial turf for home DIY
Jun 05, 2018

As artificial grass becomes more and more common in life, it is used in decoration markets and leisure venues in addition to football, football, hockey, and golf. In particular, some home-use leisure fake grass is recognized by the public, because the synthetic turf for home use is simple to install and can be bought by oneself. DIY installation is precisely because the pavement is simple and therefore more and more popular. Although the installation of synthetic grass for home use is simple, the basic steps are still necessary. Share the construction steps as follow these:

Step 1: is to clean up some weeds and rubbish on the paved site before installation. If it is not clean, it may cause the life and overall appearance of the artificial turf.

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Step 2: After cleaning, you need to use some gravel powder or coarse sand to flatten the entire ground, which can ensure the flatness of the site and help the laying of artificial turf.


Step 3: After the flattening of the site, it is necessary to use a heavy object to compact the entire site ground. If conditions allow, some water can be sprinkled, which makes it easier to compact the ground. There is also the need to evenly compact, otherwise it may cause the unevenness of the site, easy to collect water, which will lead to artificial grass degumming.


Step 4: Measure the size and size of the site with a tape measure, cut out the purchased artificial turf, spread the artificial turf in the direction of the fallen lawn, and then trim the corners of each area.


Step 5: Splicing between the lawn and the lawn with a connecting tape and glue, and then after the glue is dry, inject the quartz sand, and the artificial turf for home use generally does not need to fill in too much quartz sand. About 6KG on it.


Step 6: Combine the combed sand evenly back and forth, using two-thirds of the synthetic grass height. After combing, the entire process is completed.