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The maintenance of synthetic turf shock pad
May 31, 2018

Do you know how to maintain artificial turf underlay? Let's go and see it together.


1. Do not wear spiked shoes that are 5mm long or more than 5mm. Exercise vigorously on the mat (including high heels).


2. It is forbidden for any motor vehicle to run on the artificial grass underlay.


3. Prohibit heavy objects from being pressed on artificial mats for long periods of time.


4. Prohibit shot puts, discus or other high-fall sports on artificial grass shock mats.


5. It is forbidden to contaminate all kinds of oil pollution fake grass padding.


6. It is forbidden to step on the snow in case of snow, and it is necessary to sweep the snow on the surface before use.


7. It is forbidden to throw chewing gum and all kinds of debris on the artificial grass shock pad underlay.


8, is strictly prohibited fireworks.


9. It is forbidden to use corrosive solvents on the artificial turf elastic mats.


10. It is forbidden to bring sugary drinks into the market.


11, is strictly prohibited destructive tearing turf fiber.


12, no damage to the artificial turf elastic mat base


13. Sports turf should keep the filled quartz sand level and ensure the ball's trajectory or bounce trajectory.