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The outdoor sports field project has been postponed. The damp spring is the most frustrating
Mar 13, 2018

Weather can change a person's mood, and the impact on the construction of outdoor playgrounds is not small. The following items, which are "weathered" by the weather, have all occurred in the United States.

Rain water delays construction of plastic track, athletes can not run 

Henderson County, Texas, United States 

In the past few months, with the weather being good and bad, the track coaches and athletes of several high schools in Henderson County have been ups and downs. Why? 

Last year, three local schools were approved to build new plastic runways. It was originally a pleasure thing, but because the weather was too cold or it often rained, these runways have not been completed so far. The spring events have started one after another.

According to the process, East Henderson High School should be the first to complete the construction of the runway, and now it seems to be the last one. School track coach Michael Baldwin bent down and grabbed loose rubber particles from the runway. "The glue is not sticky."


"The runway is not lined or finished. We can't train." Student student Kasey Ross said. On the 14th of February, the school's spring running practice began. Athletes can only run on the lawn on most of the occasion or go to the other school's track to practice.


A person in charge of the school said, "In recent weeks, heavy rains have delayed the runway project. Workers need to work in the absence of rain or cold for several days."


The school can't wait to finish the new runway. Because a school spring event on March 20th will be kicked off. Last year it had to be cancelled because of the weather. This year it would be too regrettable if it was not done.


Two other local schools, West Henderson High School and North Henderson High School, are not much better. The former's new runway is currently poorly lined, and the latter's runway needs minor trims. The track and field competitions in these two schools are also imminent.


Throughout the winter, athletes at West Henderson High School had to go to other venues to compete.


The school’s track coach Walt Fletcher said, “Everyone is very depressed. However, there is no way we can all be affected by the weather. Everyone is doing their best.”



Fortunately, the aspirations of the athletes are still awaiting and waiting.


The kids are very resilient. Even though all of our ‘home games’ were held in Polk this winter, the children broke seven school records. They like to compete.” Fletcher said.


The ground is too wet and the turf cannot be paved


Joliet, Illinois, United States


The Joliet Route 66 Stadium is a baseball field. The turf paving originally scheduled for March 5 has been postponed again. Baseball games at several local colleges and high schools may have to be held elsewhere.


After the artificial turf installer had looked at the site, the feedback was that the ground was too wet to be suitable for turf. It is understood that the sports ground is the groundwork that was done last fall.


At present, the staff plans to start the installation as early as March 17 and may be later, depending on the weather.


The turf and installation equipment will be shipped to the stadium next week, and it may be possible to shop on weekends. Turf paving is expected to require 10 consecutive days of good weather.


In fact, the adjustments to the spring baseball game venues happen from time to time due to weather conditions. Dave Laketa, director of sports at St. Francis University, said, "This is only a short-term delay, for everyone's ultimate benefit."


Laketa said the school looks forward to new artificial turf. Because in the late winter and early spring, it will provide a reliable and stable venue for the school team.


The head of the Joliet 66 Stadium also stated that after the solid artificial grass is laid, the stadium can host more events, especially in the wet spring.