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The precautions of plastic track construction and material storage on cryogenic weather
Dec 28, 2017

Like most outdoor construction projects, plastic track construction also needs to be adjusted according to the weather conditions.


So in the cold winter, how should the plastic track material construction? Plastic track materials and how to store it?


About construction


Early plan

Plastic track generally wider, long construction cycle, the need to do a good job in construction planning, reasonable arrangements for construction time, while winter cold measures. Construction can not be forced out of anachronistic conditions because of the rush hour.


Grassroots inspection and processing

Primary treatment is the basis of pavement construction of plastic runway. The primary treatment includes: removing dust, oily soil and loose objects on the surface of the primary layer; reducing or eliminating surface defects; and improving the physical or chemical properties of the primary surface. Winter construction When the substrate humidity is too high temperature is too low, the cement part of the phenomenon of frosting. The bottom of the drying is not easy to judge, to ensure that the maintenance period of winter for more than 30 days.


Material construction

For the construction of plastic runway material system, the basic drying and basic surface temperature should be ensured before construction in winter. When daytime temperature is lower than 10 and higher than 5 degree, try to construct before noon to 3 pm, and the nighttime minimum temperature should be higher than zero, otherwise Do not work to avoid frostbite.


Construction temperature attention

Before construction, it is necessary to confirm that the base layer or the last process material is completely cured, and the construction temperature should be controlled above 5 degrees. When the temperature is below zero during the curing process, the plastic track material will be damaged by the freezing, losing the bonding and filming Features. Due to temperature reasons, the runway material will slowly solidify during the film formation process, so the minimum interval between two construction operations is 24 hours or longer, and the construction of the next process can be confirmed only after curing.


About storage


Storage temperature control

Into the winter, the plastic track materials should be placed uniformly indoor and code classification, and to ensure that the indoor temperature is above zero, the temperature below zero to be used when heating or electric heating to enhance the indoor temperature, non-use of open flame to enhance the indoor temperature.