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The process of artificial turf sand filling
Dec 06, 2018

The artificial grass is fixed with artificial quartz sand, so that the grass does not fall, and the sand is filled to the remaining height of the grass seedling within 10mm. The rubber particles are spread on the surface of the grass seedlings, and the spreading should be uniform. The grass seedlings should not be filled with ridged sand. The grain prevents the athlete from being hurt.

(2). Use the artificial shape to spread when spreading.

(3). When the artificial turf field material is completed, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid.

(4). Quartz sand laying shall be applied in the concept of integral method.

(5). Quartz sand paving should be checked whether it is flat or reaches a certain amount, and the shortage should be supplemented.

1. Any debris found in the paving shall be removed immediately to ensure leveling.

2. After the quartz sand paving is completed, use a hard brush to brush back and make the quartz sand drop fully dense.

3. The rubber granule paving facility has the same construction method and process.