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The type of plastic track
Jun 26, 2018

Traditional running track:

The surface of the system is a granular structure that is impermeable to water. It is made by mixing special PU (polyurethane) compounds with rubber particles and spreading special rubber particles on the surface. Synthetic surface layer has high energy physical resilience and high abrasion resistance, and can resist all kinds of extreme climate conditions: long-term sunshine, rainy season and frozen climate. Make sure the product is of high quality.


Breathable athletics track:

The system consists of polyurethane adhesive designed for sports fields and mixing special glue particles according to a controlled ratio, and then controlling the thickness through professional construction machinery. And on the surface of the surface with a special colloidal particle and the same color polyurethane paint mixed spray covering the rubber mat, forming a special organized lines, giving the correct adhesion layer surface friction and anti-sliding resistance. The smoothness of the runway with mechanical pavement is good. After molding, the material contains porous, so that it does not accumulate water after rain. It can be put into use immediately and improve the use efficiency.

Space athletics running track:

The system consists of a high-performance surface layer composed of multiple layers, with long service life, elasticity and dynamic design features. The bottom layer is controlled by a special construction machine to control the thickness after the special glue particles are mixed in a controlled proportion with a polyurethane binder. It is made by spreading special rubber particles on its surface. The construction combines the processes of "traditional" and "breathable" runways with the advantages of both.