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Three application and advantages of artificial turf
Apr 17, 2018

Three application of artificial grass:

1. Fake grass for viewing: Generally, the color is green and uniform, and the leaves are fine and well-proportioned.

2. Synthesis turf for sports: There are many types of artificial turf, which are generally reticular structures, containing fillers and resistant to trampling. Has a certain buffer protection performance. Although artificial grass does not have the oxygen-generating function of natural grasses, it also has a certain function of solid-soil and sand-proof, and the artificial turf system has stronger protection against falls than natural turf. It is not affected by climate and has a long service life. Therefore, it is widely used. The laying of soccer fields and other sports venues.

3, Landscaping artificial turf: open for people to enter the rest, games, walking and other outdoor activities. Generally can choose to use tough, leaf thin, resistant to step on the type.

The advantages of artificial grass:

In the installation of various basic surfaces, the basic quality requirements are not high, and there is no fear of cracking, no delamination, and simple and economical.

The synthesis grass material is environmentally friendly, the finished product is constructed, the construction period is fixed and short, the quality is easy to grasp, and the acceptance is simple.

The overall layout of the artificial turf sports is beautiful, the usage rate is high, the service life is up to 8 years, and it is durable, durable, and can be used continuously throughout the day.

Artificial grass is simple to maintain and has low maintenance costs. It can remove dirt only by rinsing with clean water, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

Artificial turf is not only shock-absorbing and non-noise, it is far from safe, flexible, and has good flame-retardant properties. It is suitable for school use and is the best venue for training, activities, and competitions.

Artificial turf adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection. It is mainly to avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce the damage that the general hard ground may cause to the feet and leaves you completely free from all kinds of concerns caused by the venue.

Straight lines are used for grading lawns. They do not need to be distressed for frequent scribes. Maintenance is easy and there are almost no follow-up maintenance costs.