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Type and use of artificial grass garden
Jul 09, 2018

Type and use of artificial grass garden

1.Artificial grass roll for kindergarten

Faux grass rug has become the first choice for most kindergartens.Imitation grass for kindergarten as a large branch of leisure grass has also been the focus by the factory.Plastic grass mat for kindergarten is combined with straight and curved silk.Safe and environmental protection, excellent quality, superior protection function, beautiful appearance,suitable for indoor and outdoor.


2.green lawn

As a greening application, artificial turf can be used in roads, communities, gardens, office buildings, shopping malls, playgrounds, roof greening, and greening of interior and exterior walls. The green turf has a high density and is soft and comfortable. The color is natural and the appearance is very similar to real grass. It can achieve the effect of realism and landscaping.


 3.Lawn carpet 

The lawn carpet is soft to the touch, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly, with bright colors and diverse colors. The lawn carpet contains no formaldehyde, heavy metal, contains imported bacteriostatic agent, fire retardant, can be used for indoor bay window, bedroom, living room carpet, hotel, hotel, exhibition carpet, and ground floor pavement of wedding venue, etc. Fresh and natural can bring a refreshing refreshing feeling.


The types and uses of artificial turf have become more and more creative use as people's awareness of products increases, such as pet artificial turf, turf home accessories, lawn decoration ornaments, etc., the application range of artificial turf will also change It is getting wider and more diverse.