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What does means of gauge and stitch of artificial grass?
Dec 18, 2017

What does means of gauge and stitch of artificial grass?


The mainly parameter of the fake grass is gauge,stitch,pile height,dtex,density,yarn material,color,backing,etc.Then what’s the gauge of artificial turf?What’s the stitch? What is the impact on cost?Now let’s introduce the details of gauge and stitch.


What does means of gauge of synthetic grass?

The gauge of synthetic grass refers to the distance between the needle and the needle when the tufting machine is turfgrass,in inches.


What dose means of stitch of artificial turf grass?

The stitch of artificial turf grass means how many stitches per 10cm. Every 10 cm as a unit.The same gauge, the more stitch the bigger density. Otherwise,the less stitch the less density.The gauge is the distance between the rows and rows on the back of the lawn. Commonly used are 3/4”,3/8”,3/16”,5/8”,5/32”,etc.


Then what is the impact on cost? The smaller gauge, the more rows of grass yarn with the same width. Each row of grass corresponds to a thread of grass. And the more they correspond to, the more they are. And every shredded straw is impossible to use 100% completely. This means the more wastage of the straw (the tail silk).This is why the different price for artificial grass although the same stitch with different gauge.


The unit of pile height for artificial turf is mm.The pile height for artificial grass mat is from 8mm to 50mm.The special height can be customs.The function of the artificial turf can be simply differentiated by the pile height.Normally artificial grass of 32mm-50mm mainly apply for soccer fields.The pile height for standard soccer field must be 50mm. Non-standard soccer field, such as futsal soccer field, 7-men soccer field and playground in school normally used pile height of 32mm-40mm.

The yarn material of artificial grass is PE,PA,PP. The material of PE and PP is widely used. The characteristic of PE is soft,normally use for soccer artificial turf.PP normally use for other sports field,such as tennis court,hockey,etc.


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