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What effect the price of the artificial turf?
Jan 09, 2019

What effect the price of the artificial turf?

First, the raw material of artificial turf mat.
Synthetic surfaces consists of three parts: grass yarn, backing and base fabric.The quality of raw materials reflects the cost and determines the quality of artificial turf. And the quality obviously determines the price of artificial turf.
Second,artificial grass flooring parameters
There are three basic parameters of artificial turf grass: density, grass height, and Dtex. These three data are directly proportional to the price of artificial turf. The higher the density, the higher the grass height, the larger the Dtex, the higher the price. Density and grass height are as easy to understand as the name suggests. The dtex is a more professional concept. It is an international unit of fiber denier. The artificial turf is the weight of the 10,000 m long grass. The larger the gram, the thicker the grass.
Artificial grass football normally use PE monofilament grass yarn, Dtex is 8800 to 12000, the price is approx.USD4-USD7/sqm.
Landscaping artificicial turf apply for playground, greening,decoration, flooring,etc.The density is larger than sports grass.  So the price is higher.The dtex is 8800-12000, price is about USD2-8/sqm.
Milti-function artificial grass normally apply for gate ball field, golf field,etc.Due to its special function, the dtex is not very high. The lower the dtex, the higher the density. For example, the dtex is more than 4,000, and the density can reach 60,000-80000.The dtex of the milti-function artificial turf is 3600 to 10000, the price is approx. USD4.1-8/sqm.
Third, MOQ
The amount of quantitative influence on the price of artificial turf is not just what people think is the small profits but quick turnover in the usual sense. If there is no special reason for the lawn production equipment, it is usually operated in parallel. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to stop and restart the machine. Therefore, when the new order needs to be replaced with different proportioning materials, the subsequent filling of the raw materials into the machine will be Some of the previous raw materials are mixed together, causing losses and increasing costs.