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Why do artificial turf add rubber granules
Sep 11, 2018

First, because the turf is mainly made of polymer wire drawing, it is necessary to use quartz sand or rubber particles to press the grass and stabilize the turf. Under normal circumstances, the lower layer will choose to use quartz sand. The upper layer is made of rubber particles.

artificial grass.jpg

Second, because artificial grass does not have any soil, in the case of collision or falling, the body will be relatively strong in force, and it is very prone to injury, if you add appropriate amount of rubber with high elasticity rubber Granules can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil and prevent injuries when the body and the site collide.

Third, the brushed artificial turf of the polymer is much smoother on the surface than the real turf, especially when it is raining. When adding proper amount of rubber particles, it can provide greater friction and artificial turf. Effectively improve the performance of the use.