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Why does 2018 Russia world cup use synthetic lawn?
Jun 17, 2018

I still remember that the use of artificial grass in 2015 was the first controversial topic in the Canadian women's world cup. 2018 FIFA world cup will also check and accept the results of artificial lawn one by one. So, what is the gap between natural turf and artificial grass? Is artificial grass as unreasonable as the outside world generally thinks?

The 2015 Canadian women's world cup is not the first time that artificial grass has been used in the world cup. In the 2010 south African world cup, the Algerian and Slovene group matches were held in the artificial turf field. at that time, the two managers expressed their strong dissatisfaction with artificial grass after the match, believing that it had seriously affected the team's performance. Since then, in the euro 2016 qualifying match, Wales and Andorra also played on artificial turf. of course, the shelling after the match was inevitable.
Well, why does FIFA have to use artificial grass in 2018 FIFA world cup under such great pressure?
In fact, because Russia is located in a high latitude region, climate causes it to be unable to provide enough natural turf. Moreover, the cost of artificial grass is far lower than that of natural turf.

Where is the difference? The taste of fresh grass is exciting.
So, why did artificial grass encounter the unanimous resistance of professional players? Obviously, easy injury is the most serious problem.
At the same time, people who have played natural turf and artificial grass may have intuitive feelings. in artificial grass, the speed of the ball is fast, the field is hard, the tackle is easy to hurt, and there is some damage to the ankle and knee.

Apart from technical differences, there are also differences in feelings between artificial grass and natural turf. " perhaps because the whole career was played by natural turf, there was a feeling for natural turf. As soon as I entered the arena, I felt very excited when I smelled the real grass. This may also be a deep-rooted impression. Former Qingdao Yizhong manatee player Joram said: " playing soccer on natural turf gives people an impression of being superior. it feels that regular competitions and professional competitions should be held on natural turf. Playing soccer in artificial grass, even with our former teammates, always feels like an amateur match. " in Joram's view, the world's highest level matches like the world cup still need to have the taste of" fresh grass " to stimulate the players' senses and also need a sense of ceremony.
What are the advantages? It helps to promote amateur football
Of course, artificial grass, widely criticized in the world cup, still occupies an important position in the promotion of amateur football. After all, a standard natural turf made of 11 people costs several thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan for two hours, which is beyond the reach of ordinary soccer fans. Under the same circumstances, the rent in artificial grass may be less than one tenth. Moreover, with the progress of technology, the comfort level of artificial grass is also continuously improving.
" before I went to the sports fair, the artificial grass I saw on the spot was already very close to the natural turf and even had the concept of' soil'. only when I carefully looked at it can I see that it was granules. More importantly, this granule must be an environmental protection granule, otherwise it will smell and even smoke when exposed to the sun. " Joram currently runs his own sports park. there are several artificial grass blocks outside the Guoxin stadium. he also has a better understanding of the relevant issues," like some training bases in Britain, artificial grass has already begun to be opened, which also shows that artificial grass's technology has improved. ”
According to Joram, the price of a five-member stadium in artificial grass will vary depending on the quality. the construction cost for a five-member stadium is about 200,000 yuan. " the construction cost of some new artificial grass stadium may even be higher than that of natural turf, but the later maintenance cost is much lower, which is one of the important reasons why artificial grass can be widely promoted. ”