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Why does artificial lawn need to be filled with rubber?
Jun 29, 2018

Many people think that the artificial turf on the football field is not necessary to add turf rubber particles, such as football grounds. If the grass height is 50mm according to the FIFA space league system, 25KG of quartz sand, 6KG of rubber particles, and a filling height of 35mm or so are to be filled. . If it is a college football field, the height of grass is 40-60mm, the quartz sand to be filled is generally around 5-9KG, the rubber particle is about 22-30KG, and the filling height is about 30-38mm; if it is a primary school football ground, it is relative to the college grounds. There will be less, if the grass height is 40mm, the filled quartz sand may be a little more (24KG) and the rubber particles are relatively less (4KG). 

First, rubber particles

1. The rubber granules provide a good buffer layer and elastic force for the sports field artificial turf system, which can increase the resistance and improve the exercise performance.

2. It can effectively reduce the accidental fatigue injury during the athlete's exercise, and the experience is closer to the natural lawn.

3. Increase resistance, grip, reduce sliding, positioning better during exercise We can also choose to use environmentally friendly rubber particles to minimize the harm to the environment and the human body. 

Second, quartz sand

1. Quartz sand can well stabilize the artificial turf roots, so that each artificial straw can stand upright and maintain its aesthetic consistency.

2. Provide moderate hardness for the artificial turf system, with elastic pad and rubber particles, to provide more moderate sports performance to the artificial turf system.

3. The self-weight of quartz sand can increase the friction between the artificial turf and the foundation and prevent the horizontal movement of the lawn. Therefore, artificial turf rubber particles and quartz sand are indispensable components of the artificial turf on the football field. 


Our company provides a variety of styles of environmental protection particles to meet the needs of various levels of artificial grass field in the market. 


With the development of technology, there are many artificial turfs that are free from filling, which reduces the construction time and provides the turf wear resistance. This is also a leap phase for artificial football grass. Of course, such grass prices are still relatively expensive.