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Why is the price of artificial turf on the gate court so different?
Oct 26, 2018

The price of artificial turf on the gate court ranges from $5.00 for the entry type to $8.00 for the competitive type to $15.00 for the import. The price difference is quite large. What is the reason? The difference in the price of the lawn is mainly due to the difference between the quality of the grass and the base fabric. The imported lawn is made of nylon, the foot feels soft, the rolling of the ball is very good, the domestic lawn is generally made of PP or PE material, the grass is hard, and the grass is silky. The density height also has a lot of different details, which leads to different prices, and you can choose according to your own preferences. At present, more and more gates are laid with artificial turf. This is because the artificial turf is soft on the one hand, comfortable on the foot, and the artificial grass has certain toughness, which can keep the goal field strong. Stability, so long-term to meet the needs of golfers playing.

With the popularity of croquet, more and more elderly friends are beginning to understand the sport and are increasingly accepting artificial turf to lay the goal court. How to choose a suitable artificial turf? First of all, for the goalball sport, the most important point is to ensure the rolling speed and running direction of the ball (a straight line). At the same time, because the elderly are mainly engaged in sports, the safety of the site is also relatively high. Based on years of groping practice, at present, the grass height is between 13mm and 15mm, and it is woven with curved yarns, and the density is between 63,000 clusters and 70,000 clusters. Such a gateball lawn can meet the requirements of the gate court.

 There is an area in the gate court called the restricted area. The restricted area is generally a combination of green + red or pure red. Generally, the artificial artificial turf manufacturers will weave the lines of the restricted area together, so that it is beautiful and strong. Durable, avoiding seams and cracks in the field caused by frequent stitching.