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2018 Beijing Sports Venues Spring March Meet With You!
Dec 19, 2017

To promote the innovation and development of China's sports venues and economic and trade exchanges, organized by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation and the China Building Decoration Materials Association flexible flooring branch, hosted by Beijing Zhongwen Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Beijing Fraunhofer International Co., Ltd. 2018 China (Beijing) International Sports Venue and Facilities Exhibition ("Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition") will be held again at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jing An Zhuang Lao Guo Zhan) from March 15 to March 17, 2018 Grandly held.

2018 China (Beijing) Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition On the basis of the larger trade show of the previous Beijing sports venues, we will once again work together with brand exhibitions such as the Floor Materials Expo, Floor Expo and the Four New Expositions to gather a full range of sports venues Industry first-line brand enterprises, with the deepening of publicity, more professional audience organization, tailor-made industry forums, sourcing conferences and designer exchanges to attract the industry's extensive participation of supply and demand groups, radiation in North China, Northeast, East China, Northwest Regions, bringing together many schools and kindergartens purchasing representatives, stadiums and facilities procurement representatives, designers and the majority of distribution groups attended the meeting to build China's sports field industry trade exchange and brand promotion platform!

The last Beijing Stadium Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing from February 27 to March 1, 2017. The number of visitors increased by 37%, attracting 81,000 visitors, designers, schools and kindergartens, buyers of sports system owners, real estate developers, construction and decoration companies, overseas buyers and manufacturers. , And held a number of procurement matchmaking activities, achieved excellent display and trade effects. 2018 Beijing Sports Venue Exhibition is expected to expand by 40% in area and will invite more specialized audiences in the field of distribution, design and owner procurement to participate in the exhibition and build a technical demonstration, product promotion and cooperation in the field of sports venues Exchange, trade and procurement ideal docking platform.

As the only major sports venue in the north of the professional exhibition, 2018 Beijing sports venues show that more than 80% of the area has been scheduled. Nearly a hundred representative enterprises in the industry will be exhibiting again. During the exhibition, a number of industry forums and trade docking events will be held, including: 2018 stadium venues and facilities industry forums, school and child care facilities procurement matchmaking, sports venues buyer procurement matchmaking, international procurement matchmaking and designer salon Many activities, attracting a number of distribution channels, the owners of buyers, designers, decoration companies attended the meeting to build high-quality exchange and procurement matching platform.

In addition, the current Beijing Stadium Exhibition will once again with the Sixth Exhibition of flooring, flooring, construction four new exhibitions, paint exhibition and other exhibition projects in China International Exhibition Center, the old museum, the new museum on the same exhibition to 28 Million square meters of large-scale construction industry exhibition-based procurement and exchange platform!

Construction will start in spring, spring exhibition coincides with the procurement season! The beginning of the year is not only platform-oriented, sharing tens of thousands of professional visitors, including distributors, design agencies, developers, construction and decoration contractors and thousands of overseas buyers, to build a market to introduce new products The right time, but also the demand-side industry groups, the most convenient channel to visit the exhibition session. 2018 Beijing Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition will serve as a spring sports exhibition in the field of national sports venues. It will bring together exhibitors of numerous industries and trade exchanges and rich trade activities, attracting extensive participation of brand companies and professional audiences in sports venues and building branding, The ideal platform for trade expansion. From March 15 to March 17, 2018, let's meet at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Country Exhibition) to witness the new development of the sports industry!