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Artificial Grass For Skiing
Dec 29, 2018

The development of ski grass artificial turf will renovate the Chinese ski market business model; and the use of ski grass will enrich the Chinese people's play project. The 2022 China Winter Olympics will lead the Chinese ski industry to the peak; in the six years from 2016 to 2022, it will be a glorious era for China to build a skiing country.


It is understood that the current media is very concerned about the prospects of the Chinese ski industry; even, major businesses are carrying out skiing and playing projects. The 2016 World Snow Day and International Children's Ski Festival is also about to open. The production and use of ski grasses allows skiing and recreation projects to be built at any time.

 With the promotion of the Winter Olympics, the ski market is fully blooming in China. Ski grass is suitable for all seasons and never fades. In addition, the artificial grass lawn is different from the general artificial turf formula, which is suitable for pressing heavy objects on the surface of ski grass.


The factors of the development and production of ski grass,

First, the use of ski grass to improve China's overall economic level. The development and production of ski grass means that the number of skiing activities in China's ski industry has increased, and the number of play projects has increased. The overall economic level of China's tourism industry and entertainment industry will increase substantially.


Second, take advantage of the situation. The successful holding of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China has enabled the development of the Chinese ski market to continue to develop; and the skiing and play program has been well received by various groups of people. The Winter Olympics has held the attention of the country and the government to the ski industry.


Third, the popularity of domestic skiers, the number of play venues increased. The development and production of ski grass will break the factors of climate and geographical location of skiing and play projects; let the ski grass be used more in various play sites and geographical locations, such as skiing and recreation projects in large and medium-sized playgrounds.


In addition, the production of high-quality, high-quality artificial turf requires precise formula for the production of ski grass. The ski grass formula is not complete or the turf producer R&D team has not developed the ski grass formula, which is why the Chinese market has not experienced a large amount of ski grass.

Of course, the ski grass formula is also developed and needed by various lawn manufacturers. Today, the Netherlands has developed a formula for ski grass, and has become the target of cooperation among lawn companies. The same quality ski grass, foreign countries are 200-300 yuan per square meter higher than the domestic.