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Artificial Turf Is Safe And Harmless, And Its Health Impact Is Negligible
Jul 12, 2018

The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment released a report on the 20th that it is safe to play football on artificial grass, and responded to a previous TV program that called the turf made of synthetic materials at risk of cancer.

The report said that after testing 100 sports grounds for laying fake turf and consulting existing scientific literature, the investigators did not find that the movement of artificial turf filled with rubber particles was associated with the incidence of leukemia and lymphoma. Rubber particles are either free of these cancer-related chemicals or very low in content.

Tests have shown that the release of chemicals from rubber particles is minimal, because “these substances are more or less “encircled” in the particles, meaning that the effects of these substances on human health are almost negligible.”

Fake grss is relatively inexpensive to manufacture than natural turf and is widely used in the Netherlands and many other places. However, a Dutch television show in October this year called artificial turf a carcinogenic risk, raising public concern, and many football clubs in the Netherlands subsequently stopped using artificial turf pitches.

The Associated Press reported that the Royal Dutch Football Association welcomed the report: "The uncertainty of playing on synthetic turf with rubber pellets is gone, players, parents, clubs, football associations can continue (using synthetic lawns) because of It is a safety signal."