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Artificial Turf Types And Uses
Dec 06, 2017

There are two kinds of the artificial lawn, one is synthetic turf for sports and the other is artificial grass for leisure.They can be installed in all kinds of site. On the basis of safety and environmental protection, emphasis on sports experience and appearance of results. With the continuous innovation and replacement of turf products, the types and uses of artificial turf will have more extensive fields of expansion.

1.Fake grass for sports


1)Soccer field artificial grass

Football court artificial turf is the earliest and most widely used sports lawn species. School playgrounds, street football stadiums, commercial football venues, large-scale sports venues and professional sports venues at all levels can use artificial turf to lay the football stadium and can meet the various levels of sports performance requirements.

Now the yarn material for football turf is PE monofilament. The advantage of this grass yarn is better upright, flexibility and wear resistance, excellent sports performance,more similar to real grass and looks more beautiful.


2)Other Sports grass          

In addition to the football field, artificial turf has also developed a lot of sports field applications,such as golf court,gate ball court,basketball court,tennis court,volleyball court,baseball field,hockey field, cricket ground, badminton courts and running track,etc.All of the sports courts can be paved by a variety of types of monofilament grass, mesh grass,straight grass, curly artificial turf.


2.Leisure artificial grass


1)Artificial turf for kindergarten

Artificial turf has become the first choice for most kindergartens.Synthetic grass for kindergartens was focus by the manufacturers as a big branch of leisure artificial grass.Straight curved grass yarn was widely used in artificial turf for 休闲3.jpg

2)faux grass for greening

Faux grass was widely used in greening.It can be used for roads,communities,gardens,office buildings,shopping malls,playgrounds,roof greening,inside and outside walls greening.Artificial grass carpet for greening with high density,comfortable and soft touch,natural looking,excellent landscaping.

3)Artificial lawn carpet

Artificial lawn carpet with soft touch,good flexibility,safety and environmental protection,bright colors and colorful.TIDESUN’s artificial grass carpet does not contains formaldehyde and heavy metal, anti-fire retardant.It can be used in indoor bay window,bedroom,living room,hotel,exhibition floor mat,etc.